About QDREC 2.0

We present the Quantal Dose Response Calculator 2.0 (QDREC 2.0) as a hosted video-based high throughput phenotypic screening web server providing the tools for a rigorous and reproducible analysis of macro-parasites including the etiological agent of schistosomiasis.

QDREC 2.0 extends the functionality of the previous generation of QDREC server by supporting the analysis of video recordings thus augmenting it with time series and dynamic representations of phenotypic response under varying pharmaceutical conditions. QDREC 2.0 provides a simple interface to the analytical pipeline consisting of two steps: Machine vision based parasite segmentation, tracking, and feature extraction followed by supervised and unsupervised machine learning based analysis. The quantitative analysis of static and dynamic phenotypic response overcomes many pitfalls of the standard, human based screening, including high cost and inconsistent annotator agreement.